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10 reasons why you need a Buyer Persona and not an Archetype

People and archetypes are in some sense very close but they are different. In marketing terminologies tend to be confused due to the fact that the jargon has not been completely homogenized because there are no mediators to correctly spread the terms, but these are transmitted by word of mouth. However, it is very important not to get confused in the application of these terms to be able to develop an Inbound Marketing strategy correctly. 

 We will start with the definition of each of the terms: 

What is an archetype? 

An archetype is a perfect example of a type or group recognized as a pattern of a population. These are already classified by means of very general characteristics such as Animus and Anima: which are related to gender roles, or Person and shadow in which the person represents what we want to share about ourselves but on the contrary, the shadow is what we want to hide. 

As you can see, they are not people as such but rather, they are basic generalities from a very external view of the individual, without going into generating particularities of the public. 

For what then leads us to develop how we could visualize the buyer person. 

Buyer person: 

This comprises a more developed process of studying your ideal buyer persona and defines specific differentiating characteristics from other groups. 

We will start with the definition of each of the terms: 

Among the points that you must analyze in order to determine your buyer persona are the following: 

  1. Behavior 
  2. Personality 
  3. Background 
  4. Demographics 
  5. Objectives 
  6. Problems 
  7. Doubts 
  8. Complaints 

This previous study helps you to face clients with complete information that they can contemplate from their daily lives, to the analysis of why they have reached their social status. And it is very important that your buyer persona has a name within your studio to be able to humanize that side of the buyer persona and that this is easy for the team to remember, therefore, we recommend that whenever you do this exercise, you choose a television series that all team members can recognize Buyer persona obtaining, management and loyalty. 

10 razones por las que necesitas un Buyer Persona y no un Arquetipo_IMAGEN2-1

The representation of your ideal client is always more reliable than a generality of characteristics, which is why it is much more humanized and personalized. Therefore, we present the 10 reasons why you should build your strategies around a buyer persona and not an archetype: 

  • It allows you to focus your campaigns much more on your buyer journey, because you have already studied in depth the characteristics of your ideal client, making your reach with your buyer persona more accurate.
  • It helps you a lot to define the tone that you should use and the style in which you have to design your content since if you know your buyer persona well, you will know what their tastes and interests are.
  • You will spend less money on campaigns that do not target as broad a generality as an archetype. 
  • Your team will immediately know what type of client you are talking about just by mentioning the name of the buyer person and it will be easier for new members of your team to relate to them. 
  • You can easily rule out people who do not meet the characteristics that determine from the construction of your buyer person, for example, if they do not meet a criterion of living in Costa Rica these should be discarded because your services can only be provided to local customers.
  • It will allow you to create segmented databases in your campaigns, since you will know what questions to ask in order to classify your potential buyers.
  • You will be able to track your clients more precisely, being able to specify much more assertive buyer paths.
  • You will be able to have a more direct communication with the client because if you already have him identified you can send an email with specific promotions. 

Having focused and detailed campaigns of your target audience based on a buyer persona, can contribute to both the creation of content, as well as saving money and having a more direct communication with those who may be your clients, in this way not wasting resources and time with leads that are not qualified. 



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