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5 things you should know about marketing

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May 14, 2020 3:24:58 PM
5 things you should know about marketing

Many times we invest time, effort and money in hiring marketing gurus, advertising agencies or taking hours and hours of courses on digital marketing and at the end we do not know, not can we, materialize in the correct way all they told us or we learned. In the end the investment does not has a return.

To invest correctly, I recommend following these steps:

  1. Manage a strategy: After reviewing more than 1,600 companies in these years of consulting, I realize that marketing is handled by many companies purely by intuition, occurrence, and without significant results. Manage a good strategy by an approach of:
  • Objectives
  • Compliance metrics
  • Correct communication channels
  • Value delivery methods
  • Task designation
  • Method creation
  1. Know the target market: Many companies do not really know who they are selling to, talking to, and how the target market wants the information to be delivered to them. That´s why it is good to generate surveys and focus groups and then use the buyer persona tool to properly understand the needs of our client or prospect.
  2. Use the right tools: Using a CRM as complete as HubSpot's will allow you to understand what the customer's path is, how to prepare an appropriate information campaign, and correctly deliver the desired information.
  3. Find the right advisor: Companies generally have little or no marketing budget, it is never enough. Therefore, it is necessary, on our recommendation, that 5% of total sales be used for marketing, because to make money you must spend money.

In the case of an advisor, the ideal person should be someone with success stories, trustworthy clients, and enough experience for you to assure yourself that they are not going to make novice mistakes.

  1. Define the right metrics for your prospects: Metrics to understand who to sell to and who not to sell are indispensable. Many companies unfortunately want to sell to everyone without definition, which means that they do not know who they are selling to or understand how to sell.

A few months ago, we worked with a hotel that before contacting us invested more than USD $60k per year in advertising campaigns without strategy. Together we were able to direct a strategy more in line with their needs and using a tenth of that budget we managed to increase leads by 400% and generate closure of Sales 40% better than their previous advisors.

The problem with social media today is that it allows for a huge reach of content but without being properly targeted it can be wasted money on unnecessary leads. This is why we need to properly direct resources.

Therefore, we recommend advising yourself properly, generating personal buyer profiles, properly defining the channels and forms of content delivery, this way you can be successful in your marketing strategy.



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