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Apply Cart Rules on Magento to give Free Shipping to your Customers

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Dec 24, 2021 9:43:15 AM
Free Shipping

Using free shipping on our products by using a coupon or a price with a minimum purchase is a great way to incentivize our customers to buy.

Something that attracts us the most when buying in a shop is the free shipping paying only for our products, avoiding transport costs as if we were purchasing in the shop itself.

Next, we will see how to carry out two of these promotions:
  1. Free shipping when you use a coupon.
  2. Free shipping when you reach a minimum purchase amount.

For free shipping using cart rules, the shipping methods to be used in Magento must be ready to support this configuration of the rules, so for shipping methods made by third parties, it is necessary to perform this check.

How to configure flat rate shipping method:


Once we have configured our shipping method we will proceed to configure our cart rules.

Free shipping when using a coupon

For the first exercise, we will create a cart rule that will give us free shipping when we use the coupon FREE SHIPPING.


Then we will test our coupon, for this we will enter our eCommerce and add a product to our cart, then we will apply the coupon FREE SHIPPING in the corresponding box and we will see how the price of our shipment goes to 0.


Free shipping on minimum order amount

In the second exercise, free shipping will be given to customers who exceed a minimum purchase amount of 30,000 and the discount will be applied only if the subtotal of the purchase exceeds this amount.

To test this second case we will first add a product of value 15000, here the shipping amount will remain at 500 but by adding a second product of value 15000 the subtotal will reach 30000 and the shipping cost will go to 0.



We will now be able to offer our in-store customers the opportunity to have free shipping on our site and not only this way by using different variations of conditions we can create the cart rules that best suit our needs such as offering free shipping only for certain products or specific categories.

Remember to always test all possible iterations of our new rules with rules previously created on the site.




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