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Omnichannel CRM: 4 ways it impacts sales profitability

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Jul 30, 2021 1:40:15 PM
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Omnichannel CRM

Every company has many systems and types of information it can collect from its business and/or its customers. It's no secret that the more information a company has about a specific area, the better decisions it can make in the future, and marketing is no exception.

true CRM

The term CRM has been mentioned or heard in every marketing management. The problem is that even though the tool is highly talked about and used, most of the time it is used in the wrong way. If your company claims to have and use a CRM, but instead you only have a sales module for the sales department, a marketing module for social media publishing or a call module for customer service, you do NOT have a CRM that can impact your sales profitability with ease.  

The CRM tool is extremely useful because it can unify and universalize the information and activities that the customer carries out with our brand or shop. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the sections (or modules) that make up a CRM to confirm that it is being used as an omni-channel information tool. 

Below are 4 ways in which an omni-channel CRM, such as the one described above, can impact the profitability of your sales. 

  • Campaign generation and analytics. 

Campaign generation and analytics

Within the marketing module that your CRM needs to have, there needs to be a campaign and activity manager. The campaign manager allows you to centralize where your marketing efforts are made and analyzed. This way it is no longer necessary to use the multiple platforms from which we make updates, including our own website (our most important and asset). 

As mentioned, before it is not just about generating campaigns to see a result in profitability change. Instead, by having the campaigns and analytics of each effort, both 1-to-1 and mass and the engagements that were achieved, this information can be used by customer service or personal sales specialists to build trust and empathy with the customer. 

  •  Solid and centralized basis for generating customer experience. 

generating customer experience. 

The customer who finds a satisfying user experience that stands out feels comfortable spending on that site. Humans by nature have always been selfish creations and that reality is also shown in the places and brands that individuals consume from. In terms of generating an impression of the brand, it is not about the quality or track record of the brand, but rather the experience the user had when interacting.  

Having a truly omni-channel CRM allows us to start to get to know the customer better so that we can start to personalize their interactions or contacts. Not only on a totally personal level, such as being served on the phone or through an online chat, but this can also be translated to the type of campaigns and activations that are carried out in digital media, always focused on the Customer Journey of the Buyer Persona and that depending on the characteristics that differentiate it can also change the online experiences.   

  • 360° view of the customer.
360° view of the customer

Every activity that the customer does is visualized in the same tool: to sell more you must know better. Just in the previous point it is stated that the way to generate long-lasting customer relationships is by seeding personalized experiences. 

CRM allows companies to get to know their customers better second by second. In Latin American culture, there is a widespread belief that the customer service representative is the person who must find a way to avoid losing money or inventory when presented with a complaint, and this must change. 

Service representatives can be our best salesperson without effort, as the data that is centralized in the platform allows the team to convert a bad experience, such as the complaint that was being presented, to even sell to the customer by means of a product that according to the CRM has been visualized, saved, or even bought previously. In this way, customer service representatives can be made more profitable. 

  • Ways to incentivize repurchase: 

incentivize repurchase

It is more profitable to re-sell than to find someone to sell to, and as managers what we are most interested in is the profitability of the actions. It has been proven that it is more than 70% less costly to generate repurchase strategies and routes, than to try to "win over" new customers to try the product or service we have available to provide. 

By having a complete CRM such as HubSpot with action automation tools, incentivizing repurchase becomes extremely important and easy to do. In this way, all interaction information and above all customer purchase information is stored, but in addition to that, sales can be generated automatically with the distance between dates that management considers correct and configured in this way. 

The automation of tasks can be a bit complicated, in case you need support Imagineer is happy to help you and teach you for future occasions. 

These 4 points may seem extremely isolated, but they could certainly prove that the key to having a CRM that impacts the profitability of the company's marketing is to have these 4 factors and if possible, even more. As with all teamwork, the whole benefits not only from the talents of a few, but also and even more from the work that all parties can contribute to the overall goal. In this case the goal may be to make your marketing department more profitable or to increase digital sales per year. For the same example, the comparison with an omnichannel CRM is extremely real and important because it is what is going to allow us autonomy, automation and Proactivity when implementing new processes and technologies. 



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