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Google Analytics: how and why it is important in UX

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Aug 31, 2022 9:56:37 AM
Google Analytics: how and why it is important in UX


Currently, the digital world has captured both people in general and companies. At this time, many people visit websites to purchase products, hire services, and get information, among others. 

Companies can not be left behind and have had to digitize to access these people who do everything through the web. It is here where tools like Google Analytics and User Experience design become indispensable for these companies because they allow them to establish the operating parameters of the strategies of each company. After all, it tells them what works and what does not, also permits them to visualize how customers are captured and where not, allows them to know users' experiences when using a website, Etc. Carry out the monetization or what is known as e-commerce and the growth of a website or company.
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In this article, we will handle the following topics: 


Data analysis and graphs


What is Google Analytics?

It is a Google platform that allows you to know the information behind a web page: where people come from, how many are visiting the page, who those people are, and their demographics. If they saw the information from social networks or if they typed the email address from their browser, the conversions that resulted from the visits, etc. Google Analytics points out all the information that the website alone cannot give and that the company needs to know to create strategies that result in revenue.


Some of the main functionalities that can do with Google Analytics are:

  1. Metrics of users visiting the page.
  2. Metrics of interactions on the page
  3. From which places users are directed, if they type the address in the browser, and how many they are.
  4. The rate of visits that abandon on the home page, as well as on other pages.
  5. Visitor ethnographic data
  6. Metrics on visitor or user purchases.
  7. Data on conversions within the website.
  8. How advertising is performing

People analyzing data


How is it used?

The platform provides a tracking code when creating the account and establishing the number of pages the company has. Must be placed on the page so it can be tracked and get all the information required. This code is in JavaScript and must be placed in the web page's code. In addition, Analytics has cookies that the user must accept so that it can collect as much information as possible.

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What is UX?

It is the study or analysis given to users' different perceptions and responses at the time of using a product, in this case, digital. UX is responsible for conducting further studies with people to determine what changes need to be made to these products so that users have experiences that make the product stand out and that they continue to use it. You can read the blog: UX: a lever that drives the entire sales cycle to learn more about this topic.

Why UX and Google Analytics are important in a company as a whole

Google Analytics, for its many functionalities, is a great help for companies so that they can establish parameters to capture clientele or maintain a relationship with the customers they already have. They can know more information about their target user and also what is the best seller. Both for large companies with millions of sales worldwide and for micro-enterprises that sell in a single country or video platforms, blogs, among many others. Everyone can adapt their Google Analytics account for their company or website and thus know the best actions they can take to grow. One of the most significant aspects is that people within the company must know how to analyze the data that Google Analytics gives, as this is the basis for using the tool and is fruitful for the company.

financial statistics

To perform UX analysis and determine the improvements to the digital product, you need to know the buyer persona, which can be summarized as the target customer that the company has for a specific product. With the help of Google Analytics can be determined more efficiently. You can also see what aspects of a website are not working and thus change them, analyze them again, and know what media are more efficient for presenting the product. 

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Google Analytics is a tool that has become an indispensable part of marketing, community management, sales, customer experience, and in short, everything that digitalization has brought. Therefore, it is the best decision for people who have a website to choose to use it and also to know how to analyze the data, that is, to create different analytics to understand what works and what does not. What should be changed to improve user experiences, what should be done within a platform to enhance the relationship with the customer, and everything related to UX? They are a couple of tools that complement each other. If used together, they improve work times and ways to capture information and analyze it, resulting in product improvement.


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