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Customer Journey: Build the best customer experience

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Jun 30, 2021 11:15:27 AM
Build the best customer experience

In today's highly competitive market, people have a wide variety of brands or entities to turn to when they need a product or service. For a company to stand out from the crowd and build a relationship with its clients, it must offer the possibility of living an entire experience during the process between client and organization. This is where it becomes important to know what the client wants, how he hopes to solve his needs and at what time. 


  • What is the Customer Journey? 
  • Stages of the Customer Journey 
  • What is the Customer Journey for? 

What is the Customer Journey? 

The customer journey is the customer journey, it is the process that a person goes through to acquire a product or service. This covers all phases, from when the customer identifies that he has a need until he makes the purchase that solves his problem, including all the research and considerations involved. The customer journey can be viewed through a “customer journey map”. To find out more, you can read Customer Journey Map: What is it and how to create one? 

customer journey map

This model is one of the key pieces for inbound marketing, each interaction that the client has with your company should be tailored to the stage in which they are in the customer journey. This model is one of the key pieces for inbound marketing, each interaction that the customer has with your company should be tailored to the stage at which they are in the customer journey. 

Stages of the Customer Journey  

Today, the "customer experience" offered by companies must go beyond price and product as brand differentiating factors, especially when we find ourselves in the digital age where people seek efficient processes in the hope of solving their problems. with one click. From the financial sector automating banks with interactive platforms that allow streamlining checkout processes, to the retail sector with clothing stores that allow complementary purchases online; In short, customers are looking for easy and intuitive processes. 

Understanding the "buyer personas" of your company and the experience you want to give your customers at each stage to meet their expectations is essential. 

The stages of the Customer journey can be summarized in 3 general points: 

Stages of the customer journey

What is the Customer Journey for? 

We have already defined what the customer journey is and what its stages are, but what is the use of implementing this model in our company? Well, the relevance of the customer journey lies in its functions, which are: 

  • Understand how the customer interacts throughout the purchase process. 
  • Allows to meet the needs of my buyer persona at each stage in a contextual and relevant way, offering the right information and at the right time for the client to advance to the next phase. 
  • Optimize the process, since with the analysis we can find the weak points of the process and work on these to obtain a better flow, reducing unnecessary time in activities that have no added value. 
  • Helps improve the customer experience by understanding what they need and offering an efficient process, and this also creates valuable relationships. 
  • Understand the topics of our content, the correct format and in which channels to distribute it; it is key to creating the best content possible. 
  • It is a tool that can facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives and the creation of the marketing strategy. 

To apply the customer journey in your company, it is necessary to have defined some elements: 

  • Stages: it is essential to identify the stages during the customer journey, such as those mentioned above in this blog, although they can be subdivided and more specific according to the needs of your company. 
  • Buyer persona: being clear about who our ideal customers are allows a better application of the customer journey, especially because it can be segmented in a better way. To learn more about the buyer persona, consult the three-step guide tbuilding your buyer persona. 
  • Contact Points: Moments or means in which the client and your company interact; It can be the website, social networks, email, among others. 

It is also important to emphasize that when applying the customer journey it crosses the entire company since it is an integral process, and you have to be prepared to find gaps and aspects to improve, be willing to change to optimize the process and use resources to improve the experience the client's. 

The objective is first to understand the customer and their current experiences, to create efficient processes and different experiences that attract consumers and make them loyal to the brand. 

In conclusion, the customer journey is a model that allows us to monitor customer behavior and the needs that arise along the way until they acquire our product or service, this in order to remain in continuous improvement, adapting to the wishes of clients to build long-lasting, trust-based relationships. 



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