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Magento B2B and its Importance in Businesses

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Feb 21, 2022 10:13:48 AM
Magento B2B

Because companies must adapt to a digital sales market where platforms such as Magento B2B provide options to manage the massive orders that come in daily, automate catalogs, manage prices, among others.

Every day, companies require more urgently generate sales and make their customers contact them or manage their purchases more agile and fast; for this, they make available to their customer's platforms that allow them to maintain control and order in the management of inventories, orders, and transactions of each of them; therefore, in this blog, we will talk a little about the advantages and/or characteristics of Magento Commerce in the B2B sector and the importance that has in companies the implementation of this type of platforms.

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Let's take a look at some of the advantages of Magento B2B:

Generate more business online

Custom B2B commerce website, you can sell your products, split volume, ship from multiple warehouses, take orders, manage your accounts, payments, credit limits easily.

Among the customer management steps that you can manage in Magento B2B are:

  • View and edit general information.
  • Assign a sales representative.
  • View and edit the company's legal address information.
  • View and edit company credit.
  • Edit the applicable currency.
  • Assign a credit limit to the customer.
  • Assign the company to a customer group or segment.
  • Allow or prohibit the use of quotes.
  • Choose the payment methods that the company can use in its purchases.

Agile product search

Magento B2B Commerce makes it easy for your buyers to search for your products using any product detail with custom filter options. Easy ordering, store navigation, and features such as the offline world enhance the buyer experience of your digital commerce store, helping to generate better long-term business relationships.

Warehouse integration and order management

Integrate your warehouses with your B2B Commerce store to manage stock effectively. Integrate your existing ERP or inventory management systems. B2B business success is about receiving orders and fulfilling them accurately, quickly, and easily.

Quotation management

Whether customers have custom requirements or need to fulfill a range of orders, a customized e-commerce web store will allow you to interact with them, discuss negotiations, or even request a quote or discounts. A digital commerce store makes it easier to manage your business online than offline.

Customized pricing

A customized e-commerce store helps categorize the wholesale price of each of your products and discounts based on quantity, category, geography, and payment terms. Providing different payment methods to your wholesale business can ease the transaction process and thus directly benefit the organization.

Catalog Customization

With customized catalogs, cross-selling becomes a quick job for your e-commerce store that helps you increase your sales. The catalogs can be added, modified, and deleted according to your customers' needs and buying decisions.

System integrations

Your eCommerce store needs integrations to ensure that the information is not lost, it also feeds other platforms that you use to generate data or complete information of your customers and thus be able to keep a purchase history, loyalty plans, in general, statistics that can help the decision making in the organization.

You may be interested in Magento B2B and the functional differences with Magento B2C.

To generate more sales, improve the customer shopping experience, compete in a market that is constantly advancing and changing. Every company must see the importance and the risk of not adapting to changes.


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