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User Management in Magento

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Mar 18, 2022 9:22:01 AM
User Management in Magento

Today we will see how to manage each user in Magento, make changes in their data, shipping, and billing addresses, and even help them in their purchase process.

When we have filtered the user that we want to apply management to, we press the edit button located in the Action column.

filtered the user_Magento


At the start, we can see information about the user, such as when they last logged in, whether they are online, the date they created their account, and the Customer Group they belong to, as well as their default delivery address.

Customer Group

The customer group to which a user is associated determines which discounts apply to him, as well as the tax class that applies to him.

User Groups can be used to assign a special discount to our customers by creating a cart rule and associating it to the group created.

  • 10% discount for VIP customers.

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Here we will be presented with two menus, a top menu and a side menu.

In the top menu, we will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Delete User - Delete the user from the system.
  • Reset - Reset the changes made to the user as long as they have not been saved.
  • Create Order - Create an order.
  • Reset Password.
  • Save and continue editing the user.

Here let's pay attention to the option to create an order for our customer as if he were making the purchase and we can assist him in his purchase by adding the products he wants, indicating the delivery and billing address, selecting the shipping method until the order is uploaded and is processed and attended for delivery.

Having the option to add products quickly from the listings of your shopping cart, wish list, last purchased products, comparison list, and recently ready products.

So when we are purchasing by our user we can easily and quickly add products to your order can also for each product have the ability to apply a custom price for the product.

Side Menu 

Side menu_Magento

For each submenu, we will see some examples of use and how to apply actions.

Account Information

Here it is possible to manage the personal information of our users being able to update information such as name, email, birthday for promotions, and tax information (Tax/VAT number).

We can also change the customer group to which our customer belongs from general to VIP giving him access to the promotions and content we have assigned to this group.

One way to make our customers feel special is to make them feel as such, by giving them access to special prices we encourage them to love our brand, showing them content that offers them greater advantages over others will make them feel loyal to us.

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One of the main challenges that people who venture into the world of online shopping have is to correctly indicate their address, which usually causes failed purchases, errors in the addresses entered which causes delivery delays, or packages can not be delivered at all.
Here having the ability to add or edit the customer's address ourselves will allow us to avoid possible errors that will result in costs to the operation.

When adding or editing addresses.

  • The customer has problems entering an address in his account if we do it for him when he enters his account in the store and goes to check out a previously entered address.
  • During the delivery process, it is detected that the delivery address is not correct, to make future deliveries without problems we edit the address entered so that the delivery person can do his job more effectively. These changes are important to consult with the customer to keep him aware of his activity in our store.

In this section, you will be able to see the orders created by the customer and for each order we will have the ability to place a reorder so that we can create an order for them, being able to add other products as seen earlier in this blog.



Order 000000016 is created from order 000000015 using the Reorder functionality.

Shopping Cart

In the Shopping Cart, we can see what products the customer has added to his cart, this information can be used to send him direct promotions of products he is thinking of buying.

Shopping cart


Newsletters are notifications that are sent to the customer if he subscribes to the channel. By this means, we seek to keep the customer aware of promotions and offers that are active in our store, also to invite him to events and fairs that we carry out.

What if the customer has to perform this action by himself where he requests to receive these notifications, these notifications cannot be sent without prior authorization because they could be considered spam or junk mail.

The communications that come from our store with our customers should be done intelligently so that we are considered a good source of information and our contacts are well received if, on the contrary, we use poor communication, which does not produce interest or does not take into account who is being sent could cause that our messages are read, considered of no interest to the point that someone who had previously shown interest in our brand can unsubscribe from our newsletter, losing more and more a potential buyer.

Every word we communicate is important and we must choose them carefully!

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Billing Agreements

This view corresponds to the integration that comes from the factory between Magento and Paypal, displaying in this list all the terms if the order paid by the customer is using Paypal as the payment method, for this, it is necessary to have a PayPal business account and make the respective configuration in Magento.

More information here.

Product Reviews

The product reviews come from our customers, they write them expressing how they felt using the product, it is our mission as administrators of the store that these messages are good references for other buyers who are browsing our store.

The idea of these reviews is that they are public and serve as a guide to those who see the product and help them say to buy.

These reviews by default are set to require approval by an administrator before they can be viewed by others.

This can be done from the main menu from Marketing / User Content / Pending Reviews, once the review is approved by an administrator we will be able to see it both in the customer profile and on the product page.

Wish List

Wish lists are lists where users with accounts created in our store can add products they like and want for themselves. These lists can be used to be shared with other people and these make their purchases or gifts, also serve as shopping cart products to understand our customers and offer discounts and promotions on products of interest.

Using what we have learned.

The conjugated use of each action seen today will make our customers feel from our sidereal attention, helping them with their personal information, adjusting their address so that their packages arrive without problems, sending them information and discounts on products that interest them will give them a closer and useful experience with our brand, facilitating the sales process and customer relationship, always to generate more sales in our store.

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