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How a Buyer Persona improves the Sales Process

Imagine calling someone who doesn't know about you and you don't know about that person either, but you need to sell them. Does it sound logical to you? Neither do I ... and I would hate to be in that situation. 

 Everyone needs buyer personas as without buyer personas your marketing will likely not have a clear focus and won't be able to establish a consistent affinity with your ideal prospects. 

Prepare for a more effective sales call. 

When we have a well-defined buyer persona and a clear buyer journey, it is easier to be able to greatly personalize the questions and the direction of your meetings beyond a simple call with a potential prospect, which saves us time and effort in looking where really your qualified leads for sales are found. 

Before starting a sales process, you should consider among the first steps that an adequate segmentation based exclusively on your buyer person will achieve that the people you attract are not simply because they saw an ad, but that they manage to complete the entire buyer journey and in addition to that meet the expectations you have of an ideal client to be intervened by the sales department. 

You will find all the additional considerations as you advance in the construction of your strategy, however, without the first pillar: the BUYER PERSONA, which lies in the keys that they give you to be able to know your clients in depth, you will find yourself from that moment in which your strategy would not make a logical sense but rather it will become a set of efforts without some orientation and that most likely will fail in the attempt, wasting time and money of all the resources. 

The whole process is in a way like fishing. If you know what you want to fish, select the bait, choose the correct hook and strategically locate where your target is and transit. If you are looking to fish for sharks, choose an offer tailored enough to attract their attention, which will make a small fish unqualified to poke the rod. 

If you manage to communicate in the most effective way possible with your clients (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) you will be able to achieve results quickly since this means that you are making progress in your sales funnel and consequently closing more deals. 


Your buyer persona allows you to better understand your target market. 

To fully understand the market you are moving through, it is necessary to be able to understand from the demographic to the psychological space where a person can be at the appropriate point of purchase. Developing marketing campaigns according to your psychology is more effective than just having demographic data because the information you have will be completer and more focused on tastes, preferences and perceptions. Knowing everything that happens within your buyer persona will help you anticipate possible responses and allow you to plan your next move, as well as adjust your tactics when they are not yielding the expected results. 

Personalizing the customer experience is what many believe to do, however, it is questionable how they carry out this strategy without previously knowing their target audience through a buyer persona, since, without adequate and correctly graphed information, it is the path of these experiences is dangerous to fall into wrong assumptions about people's behavior, and it ends up in the end that the sales funnel is not as assertive as it seems. 

Why is the sales process one of the 8 pillars of inbound marketing

The sales process is the basic planning process that must be carried out in order to respond to SMART objectives and dedicated exclusively to the heart of the strategy: a specific buyer persona. Therefore, it is necessary that you consider that each of the steps to follow during this process. 

1. Attract: 

The most effective way to identify which people can become your prospects is by making a first approach to attraction content and as we explained earlier, if this is not attractive enough for some prospects and your buyer personas are correct, it is likely that you can perfectly segment the people who enter your conversion funnel. For this process, it is necessary to carry out TOFU (Top of the funnel) offers, which can range from Blogs with interesting content to publications on social networks that are useful for the person. 

2. Convert: 

When you have identified your potential customers, you need to connect with the buyer and always deliver a personalized message. You always need to build trust with customers and authority. 


3. Close: 

 This phase determines whether the customer fits your ideal customer buyer persona by completing a sale. It is always good to create exploratory call guides that guide you on how to carry out this closure. Remember the person has a problem and you must help the buyer understand how your service or product can help solve their problem and achieve their goal. 


4. Delight: 

When a person has already become your buyer, it is always good to refresh your relationship with the client through strategies that lead the person to always choose you in the face of any problem. You should not only think about the people who are happy with you, but also about those people who may need even more personalized help so that they can continue to have your trust. 

Consider the differences between qualified leads and unqualified leads as it is not about interrupting, launching, and closing. It's all about listening, diagnosing, and prescribing, so get your strategy right up front with us. 



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