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How Maximize Your Lead Conversions

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Jul 19, 2019 9:46:33 AM
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Every step in the Inbound Methodology requires a consistent alignment between the customer and the stage in the buyer’s journey he or she is in. Likewise, the Buyer’s Journey must be in line with the Inbound Marketing and sales funnel so that every piece of content you create has a positive impact in your lead and aids in his or her conversion to a customer. ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu refer to the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, respectively. To carry out a successful Inbound Marketing strategy, it’s essential that you understand these concepts and learn how to produce the right content for each stage so your lead nurturing can be efficient and optimal.


Inbound Marketing BOFU lead conversion


ToFu Offers

ToFu offers are targeted to the visitors you attracted to your site. They are people who are discovering you and researching about your products/services. To convert those visitors into leads, create content such as blog posts, infographics, videos and podcasts, all of which should be educational and provide the readers/viewers with knowledgeable information. Create striking CTAs (calls to action) that lead visitors to landing pages with forms in which they are encouraged to share personal information such as name and email address in exchange for the content you are providing them with. This information will open the door for email marketing, for instance, which you can strongly leverage on. Additionally, social media posts are a great tool for reaching people in the ToFu stage since social media platforms are a great pathway to gain brand awareness.

MoFu Offers

Ebooks, guides, webinars, case studies, and templates are all great resources for your marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) in the MoFu. Your content should continue to provide valuable information for your leads, but also provide potential solutions to their challenges. Use the content in this stage to nurture your leads and build and enhance your credibility. Regarding the CTAs on MoFu content, these should lead to landing pages with forms that ask for more detailed information such as company name and country of residence.

BoFu Offers

BoFu offers are perhaps the most important ones since their purpose is to convert leads into customers. These offers can be free trials or consultations, promo codes and discounts, customer testimonials, demos and detailed information about prices, for example. BoFu offers are the most personalized ones and many will involve some one-on-one interaction between the customer and your business. The information gathered through BoFu offers will be more specific than the one collected before. This may include asking for a phone number, job title, website URL, and the number of employees/company size.


Determining which customers belong to which part of the funnel and aligning your content accordingly may be tricky, especially if you are beginning your journey with inbound marketing. At Imagineer, we can guide you and optimize the Inbound strategy supported by HubSpot Methodology that will deliver you significant results.



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