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Inbound Marketing Strategy on Social Media: Buyer's Journey

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Nov 25, 2020 2:44:09 PM
Inbound Marketing Strategy on Social Media: Buyer's Journey

Social media has become a critical medium for key contact with our prospects and potential customers, this contact is formed by actively researching them before a purchase, which is known as the buyer's journey. 

But why is this journey happening in buyers? This is because users are more empowered and informed by the access they have thanks to the internet. Due to the research process carried out by the user before a purchase, content is generated on social networks as a strategy to drive it to the final stage of purchase. Next, we will take a more in-depth look at what the buyer journey is and how it is integrated into social media. 

Table of contents 

  • Inbound Marketing in social networks. 
  • Buyer’s journey. 
  • Stages of the buyer’s journey. 

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Inbound Marketing in social networks 

What is Inbound Marketing? This methodology uses non-invasive content creation for your prospects. The objective of this is that your prospects or Buyer Personaare the ones who have the initiative of the first contact with your brand. 

The main objective of this methodology is to contact users who are going to start a purchase of a certain good. Then, through the appropriate content on social networks or any other channel, they are accompanied throughout the buyer's journey, until a final transaction is achieved, achieving a link that loyalty to said buyer. 

Buyer’s journey 

Currently, every purchase begins through a prior investigation and it is from this point that Inbound Marketing strategies are launched within social networks. It is important to create your Buyer Persona correctly. 

A lot of times, users start this journey unconsciously and these probably fit the characteristics of their buyer persona, but they do not necessarily have knowledge of your product or that they will need it. However, a situation or problem may occur that may generate this need, and this is where the buyer's journey begins. 

Stages of the buyer's journey: 

  • Stage of recognition or exploration 

 At this stage it is a fact that your prospect has just realized that he has a need, which leads him to search for a solution in the search engine. This is where an opportunity for your brand starts, as you need to start building trust with your prospects. 

The content generated for this stage must be visually appealing, with a strong call to action. Some examples of content that is suitable for this stage are: blog posts, news articles, and e-books. 


  • Consideration stage 

Now, at this stage there is already a bond of trust between your brand and the prospect, where there is already an identified problem and possible options. The prospect already knows your brand and then it is time to provide information in order to get even more involved. 

At this stage you can begin to introduce your products to the prospect, as long as they are educational in nature. For this to be effective, you must use words like "tools" "provider" or "solution" so that the prospect finds you the best option to meet that need. 

  • Decision Stage 

When the prospect is already at this stage, it is because they narrowed down the search and are committed to your brand, which means that they are about to decide. In this last stage of the buyer's journey, it is best to incentivize them through a link or landing page with a valuable offer, for example: free consultations and trials, gifts, among others. 

Basically, it is a stage that generates conversions, for this reason, it is advisable to use words such as "compare" "versus" or "review". 

Using the buyer's journey for the planning and implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy in social networks, helps you convert your prospects into leads, with the single action of generating important content for each of them. 

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