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Create Products in Magento 2 - Adobe Commerce

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Apr 24, 2023 11:45:26 AM
Create Products in Magento 2 - Adobe Commerce

Hello all,

Magento 2 offers an easy to use product manager among its capabilities to create new products within minutes with just a few clicks by filling in a few fields.


Button to create new products

We'll see how to create a product in Magento using only the basic attributes required to be visible, added to the cart and sold at your e-commerce store.

Required attributes

List of required product attributes attributes 

  • Product Name: The name that will be displayed in the store for our customers, which will be used for searches and listings. This name will also be used in the BackOffice by store administrators.
  • SKU: Unique identifier of our product. If you have an inventory system, ERP or a code already designated for our product, use this or a consecutive one.
    • If your product has a barcode, this is a very good option to become the product identifier.
  • Price: Base price of the product that will be used to calculate the sale prices.
    • This price will be affected by others configurations in the store like promotions, taxes or discounts,
      • Taxes: When a product is created, it is assigned a Tax Class, this Tax Class will change the price of the product if its percentage is greater than 0.
      • Additional Increases: In Magento, it is possible to add a fixed value to the final price.
      • Catalog Discount: Discounts applied to the catalog.
      • Cart Discounts: Discounts applied through coupons or automatics to the cart.
      • Special Prices: Special prices assigned for periods of time.
      • Customer Group Price: Price designated for customer groups.
  • Enable: Indicates whether a product is available or not in Magento.

    >>Uploading Products to Adobe Commerce<<

product is available_Magento

Form for creating new products

Attributes that are not required

It is also necessary to review some attributes that, although they already have a default value, it is necessary to review their value to ensure that it fits the needs of our store.

These are auto-filled with a predetermined value from a list.

>>Content personalization in Magento Commerce<<

  • Tax Class: A Tax Class is always assigned to a product when it is created, this can be None which applies a 0% tax.
  • Visibility: Visibility assigns whether a product will be visible on the FrontEnd of the store, this attribute has 4 values:
    • No Visibility Individually: Product will not be available in the catalog or searches in the store, but if someone has the link, they can see and buy the product.
    • Catalog: Product will only be visible in the catalog and not through search.
    • Search: Product will only appear in searches but not in the catalog. Catalog, Search: Product will appear in searches and will be visible in the catalog.
  • URL Key: By default, it is created with the product name when the product is created, but this can also be specified with a value when creating the product.

URL Key_Magento

Information to complete regarding SEO, this information is not necessary, however, it is essential for your products to appear in the first search results.

Your new product has been created.

Following this steps with Magento, by clicking a few buttons and completing very little information, it is possible to create a product that is available for sale to the public, being accessible by URL, available in a product search, or displayed in the product listing.

Don't forget to review Magento's other non-required attributes, these provide completeness to your store and offer a better experience for users browsing your site.

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