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Make your Buyer Persona memorable for your team

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Nov 24, 2020 12:42:41 PM
Make your Buyer Persona memorable for your team

As you will remember in our blog about How much do you really know about the people who buy from your business? We explained what buyer persona are and how to identify them, but have you ever wondered, how are buyer persona really named within your business and why should we give them a name that we easily remember? 

Remember, a buyer is the semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client, based on the research carried out in conjunction with the different departments of the company. So, once we have determined what the behavior, problems, stories and attitudes of these people are, we can associate them with narratives, either real life or fictional. 

If you have a brand, you may want to convey feelings with it and what better way to do it with a story, but you should consider that within it there will be different actors who will play roles within it. To do this, it is necessary to delve a little into what is known as Storytelling and what the writer tries to convey when she is within the narrative. Each of the characters play a key role within it and just as this happens within the story, so you can consider it to happen within your business. 

So the construction of your brand begins from the moment in which you decide to name your buyer persona, this will give you a fictitious identity to the person you are targeting and will support you in making decisions regarding change of strategies. confuse one person with another. 

Your buyer persona by roles within a story: 

Haz que tu Buyer Persona sea memorable para tu equipo_IMAGEN2

Each buyer persona exemplifies a character that you can easily remember within a narrative, as for example in our experience we use characters from a recognized comic book brand to exemplify each of our possible clients. For us, Nick Fury is that executive within a company with command power and in charge of decision-making, which for us is translatable into reality as the person who leads the SEO, which has to improve the ROI within your company. He studied Business Administration, has a master’s degree in finance, and is probably an Industrial Engineer. Nick is a highly respected manager at the company who makes informed decisions, reads about management trends, and has a close group of other managers. Thus, we can relate a figure of a person who makes decisions in a fictitious company with one who makes decisions in real life.  

To take a television series into account for your buyer persona you should consider the following: 

  • The people who are involved with the construction of the buyer person have seen or know the plot of the series so that they can contribute firstly in giving the characterization to the ideal client and secondly so that it is not difficult to remember the characteristics of each one. 
  • Consider your industry and the roles that the characters have within the series. If you have a business that moves in B2B, it is best to use roles that focus on management, administration positions as the center of the story. If you have a B2C Business, consider broader and more familiar roles such as family or comedies. 
  • That they don't have complicated names. Many times, a complicated name despite the series being well recognized can create confusion and not fit 
  • Diversity of characters. This will give us space so that we can choose among those that best suit the buyer persona. 

We leave you some of the series that you could use as buyer persona examples that can help you better focus on your buyer persona. 

  • Modern Family 
  • Friends 
  • Avengers 
  • The Simpsons 
  • Game of Thrones 
  • The Big Band Teory 
  • House of Cards 

It is very important to emphasize that this adoption of the character should not be done 100% because not because a character is a villain in a certain series, does it mean that he will be our enemy within our strategy. It is important to select which characteristics we want our character to adopt and which we must discard so as not to create confusion. 

Remember that being able to easily remember your target audience can be the differentiating key of an Inbound Marketing campaign for your company, you will also be able to discover data that you yourself did not know. 



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