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Continue selling in your CRM marketing, even when you are very busy

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Jul 9, 2019 7:13:31 AM
Salesforce CRM Software

Many projects may require more time than you actually have, but this cannot be an excuse to stop your marketing initiatives. Use the benefits of your crm Marketing software to continue generating opportunities.

1) Use Workflows

Some of the most repetitive tasks of Marketing, such as sending emails and publishing social network updates, can be automated with workflow automation from your CRM Marketing software. This can be done by configuring workflows that nourish certain types of prospects with email offers and also you can easily schedule your entire social network calendar.

2) Optimize Lead Scoring from your CRM

The Lead Scoring process helps you determine the level of interest a customer has (through your website or e-commerce platform) towards your products or services. This will allow you to assess if an opportunity is relevant so you can evaluate it by making a score and that way determining the conversion potential of a contact.

3) Optimize the landing pages from the CRM

Spend some time optimizing your existing landing pages. You can save valuable time long-term just by improving the aesthetics from your CRM.

 Lets review the basic criteria:

  • Make the landing page easy to share with third parties.
  • Try different questions that incentivize interaction on your landing pages.
  • Check the thank you email and make sure you have included a Call to Action (CTA) to the related offer.
  • Improve the design of the page.
  • Improve the title by always look for the most striking phrases.
  • Abbreviate the content, you do not need to put a lot of text, try to make it more persuasive and descriptive.
  • Eliminate distractions such as web browsing, sidebars, and anything else not related to the topic (attempt to only include CTAs).

4) Make blogs a habit in your CRM

Blogs are silent sellers who do their work while you are busy or resting. Make them a habit by creating a content calendar from your CRM Marketing module.

A good practice is to create a weekly calendar of the follow-up that your team must carry out in order to keep the blogs updated in your CRM.

Here's an example:

  • Day 1: Write a draft of the blog.
  • Day 2: Review, correct and edit it.
  • Day 3: Select adequate post images for social networks.
  • Day 4: Upload the content, publish it, and promote it on social networks through email, influencers, etc.
  • Day 5: Brainstorm for your next article or idea and start a preliminary investigation.

With this list you only have to dedicate 30 minutes or an hour each day to produce a strong blog post!

5) Reuse the company's content

A good idea is to reuse the best content generated by your company in all your digital channels (social networks, blogs or news sections). You can upload this content in your CRM and create publication calendars for the different channels. This will not require more than 2 hours and will help you have an efficient flow of content, again, with the help of your CRM.


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