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Buyer Persona in the Retail Industry

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Jul 13, 2022 11:40:10 AM
Buyer Persona in the Retail Industry

As part of a team in the organization, we have to face different challenges our customers present to us: how can we help them with their pain? How can we ease their burdens? And indeed, what are those strategies to approach customers at the right time with the right tools?

With buyer personas, we can obtain valuable information from our customers, allowing us to create unique experiences for them and maximizing our resources. The goal is to increase our efficiency and cover the different market segments of our industry.

In this blog, we will disseminate some examples of buyer personas in the retail industry, and with this, we will get a better understanding of why we should take the time to build them. 

>> What is a Buyer Persona? <<

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  • Importance of Buyer Personas
  • Buyer Persona Examples, Retail Industry
  • Create a Buyer Persona together with our experts

Importance of Buyer Personas

Establishing buyer personas helps us to focus more on personalizing our services or products for our customers and prospects, to meet their needs, pain points, and behaviors are:

  1. Development of advertising campaigns according to the audience. Personalizing each campaign by knowing my audience helps send the right and timely message.
  2. Focusing efforts and resources of our organization efficiently. Although we may believe that having buyer personas only applies to large companies, this doesn't seem right, as it applies to small, medium, and large companies. 
  3. Know the customers' perspectives and potential customers to have helpful buyer personas. Elaborate them conscientiously and contemplate a revision schedule. To know the voice of our clients, leaving aside improvisation.
  4. Trying to monopolize all customers with the same strategies will not reach them. A standard proposal may not send the message we expect and may be directed to that market segment where our customers are not.


Some examples of buyer personas for the retail industry can support the previous points, and with this, you can understand in a practical way how to create them. If you want to get a Buyer Persona template, click here.

Examples of Buyer Personas

Example 1:

Assuming we have a company that sells accessories and sports equipment, there is Javier:

  • Male
  • Lives in the greater metropolitan area
  • Age between 25 and 35 years old
  • Single
  • Works for a multinational company
  • His hobbies include going for walks in nature and the city.
  • Visits travel apps, tours, and social networks. Follows outdoor activity pages and knows places in vogue and what items are essential to buy.
  • Pains: Purchasing clothing, items, or accessories that are not good quality and therefore are not durable and do not meet his outdoor needs. He can pay a little more for these items as long as they meet his expectations.
  • Willing to purchase mid to high-end equipment for better comfort when outdoors.

With this case of the buyer persona, Javier, passionate about hiking in nature, we seek to find the details and learn more about the tastes, frustrations, sites he visits, hobbies, where he lives, Etc., and focus on what we should ask ourselves.

Understanding your buyer persona: the good, the bad and the CEO <<

Example 2

For our 2nd buyer persona, we have Patricia. Business administrator, manager in a retail organization. She is between 45 and 55 years old. Married. Mother of 2 children. On weekends she likes to enjoy family activities.

  • Personal challenges: balance business and family to spend quality time with both. Enjoying the tranquility of her home.
  • Professional challenges: Patricia knows that her company needs to update itself to stay ahead of the curve and be a leader in its industry. Although the company is stable, she intends to diversify with more products. Find alliances and grow in its product portfolio, in addition to seeking agreements with other managers and getting a good response to this growth.
  • Solutions to her problem: provide Patricia with technological solutions that allow her to manage all products in real-time and that the relevant areas can have access to them.
  • Search channels: She would look for information on technology software through the Internet and with recommendations from her colleagues.

These two examples highlight the importance of research through questionnaires and interviews to gather the most relevant information from our customers and capture it in our buyer personas. This case for the retail industry will allow us to focus on our audience, improve market positioning, improve sales and marketing processes, and increase revenues.

Create Buyer Personas with experts

Buyer personas are the basis for where we should be targeting the different areas. It is crucial to collect reliable information that captures this audience, and focusing on our customers will result in more sales and customer loyalty.

I invite you to build the buyer persona for your company with the help of great professionals who will guide you through this process. Request a free session with Imagineer.

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