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What is the Buyer Persona for, and how can I create one?

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Jul 13, 2022 12:06:00 PM
What is the Buyer Persona for, and how can I create one?

When we are in our workday, we tend to get consumed by the operational and put aside what is essential for what is urgent. We're determined to take care of as many clients as possible and not let any opportunity pass us by. It usually happens, but we must pause and find the space to create those strategies that will give us better results and more outstanding sales in the long term. And so, it is essential to take the time to analyze, think, study and build the buyer persona for the type of organization.


  • What is a buyer persona for?
  • Advantages of creating a buyer persona
  • Essential aspects of creating a buyer persona

The buyer persona is the semi-fictitious illustration of the ideal customer in an organization, which allows us to capture our customers' real needs and pains. To learn more in detail, you can review the page: Buyer Persona.

What is the purpose of creating a buyer persona, and is it crucial for my organization? These inquiries and many more may come to mind, and this great work can help us to realize the objectives and focus in the following way:

  • Ensure that sales and marketing strategies are targeted to the right customers.
  • Get right to the point of what our customer wants.
  • The clarity in my customer profile.
  • Promote a close and consolidated relationship with our customers.
  • Give the customer a tailored experience to ease their pains.

In this way, the work team of our organizations has greater clarity on who that potential customer is. There is greater maturity in position and selling our products and services since we present ourselves with more empathy and credibility, hoping to close a deal.

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Advantages of creating buyer personas

As part of the strategies that we must address is to take the time to create buyer personas and therefore be rewarded for the effort, here are 10 points of the importance of having them in our organizations, whether they are small, medium, or prominent:

  1. Segmentation of my market. It is my compass to take the right direction.
  2. Work quickly between different areas of my organization, and all follow the exact information of my customers.
  3. Concentrate my efforts and resources on the target audience I want to address, customizing my marketing campaigns.
  4. Position my organization by differentiating myself from the competition. Be at the forefront.
  5. Identify my ideal client.
  6. Identify those who are not my client or target audience.
  7. Know where and when my client requires my help.
  8. Contemplate the channels with high frequencies of visits.
  9. Find potential prospects.
  10. Increase efficiency by knowing which points to attack.

These benefits intend to motivate us to build our buyer personas for our organizations. According to the list above, it is essential to invest time and resources in its creation. Here I show you the steps to get down to work based on critical questions to be taken as a reference.

Essential aspects of creating a buyer persona

  1. Pseudo name: identify our buyer persona.
  2. Profile: what do they do, what role they play, profession.
  3. Demographics: age range, monthly income, where they live.
  4. Consumption habits: where they shop, social networks they follow.
  5. Challenges: professional, personal.
  6. Frustrations: Pains in your work, in your personal life.
  7. Goals: where you want to go.
  8. Interests, hobbies.

Below is a graphic example of what a buyer persona looks like.

buyer persona

The questions can be adapted to the buyer persona according to the type of industry each organization belongs to. On the following page, you might be curious to learn more about buyer persona, how to build it, and a downloadable that allows you to create it. Buyer Persona.

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You can start creating the buyer persona your organization needs by following these tips and tools. It is crucial to recognize in detail the information of this ideal customer so that the buyer persona can be of great help and generate the expected results.

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