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Ways to Use Customer Service to Build Loyalty

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Feb 11, 2021 12:30:50 PM
Ways to Use Customer Service to Build Loyalty

When retailers focus on customer service, they often consider how they can improve all points of contact and service to drive more sales, because after all, the first impression counts. If prospects are happy with the treatment, they receive at first, they are much more likely to have positive feelings about your brand. 

 But what about the service that is being provided to current customers? It has been proven and we have talked repeatedly that it is much more expensive to acquire a new customer than to maintain an existing one. And that is smart for business, when you can make small increases in customer retention that can increase the profitability of the company by more than 70%. 

 Retail companies should never stop trying to reach new customers. However, a post-purchase customer service approach is also important and valuable. Therefore, we will see ways in which leaders use customer service to build customer loyalty. 

 The After Purchase 

When a customer makes a purchase, they may think that everything is fine. But just by hitting enter after entering the card details, things can drastically turn for the worse. When a customer makes a purchase, he may think that everything is fine. But just by hitting enter after entering the card details, things can drastically turn for the worse. 

With whatever slippage occurs at that instant, no confirmation email is sent, shipping is delayed, or wrong items are displayed on receipt - customers will quickly doubt the level of service and perhaps even how reliable and safe is your company. And, also, if for any reason they have difficulties or some other inconvenience trying to obtain answers, they will end up losing the security they had placed in the brand, and even if everything in that order is fixed, it is likely that there will be no other purchase to future. 

That is why it is so important to offer a great service after a purchase, it increases the chances of getting a loyal customer. Even if there is a problem, it is possible to maintain customer loyalty if you get their responses quickly and if possible personalized. 


Ways to use Customer Service to increase loyalty 

Find creative ways to deliver relevant content: 

When customers shop with any retailer, they expect to receive notifications directly to their inbox. In markets as competitive as the United States, customers were asked how they wanted to receive information about a product they bought online, and 94 percent said by email. Email is the perfect place to communicate with customers, and many retailers do an excellent job of finding creative ways to build loyalty through every step of the experience. 

For example, after customers make a purchase, they are configured to receive constant updates on the order status. 

But Sephora also uses customer status for promotions. Once a customer achieves VIP status, Sephora automatically sends them exclusive offers. Sephora also sets rules that will send the customer a more specific offer based on how much the customer spends. If the customer spends more than $ 200, he receives an email with access to the special VIP discount. 

Clothing retailer Boden wanted to create an email re-engagement campaign targeting high-value customers who hadn't shopped in a while. Using their customers' purchase data, they created a unique story for each recipient that motivated them to continue their relationship with the brand. This can be accomplished by using features such as dynamic content available through your email service provider. 


A minimal effort service:  

Imagine that your client has just bought a whole move on your site for a work event, but when he sent it he realized that by accident the address he entered was old or that of a relative. The customer tries to contact us right after placing the order but cannot talk to anyone. You try live chat, calling the customer service line, and sending an email, but you can't get through. 

When this happens, panic often spreads. Your enthusiasm for the move has turned into anxiety, and you must navigate through numerous options to try to fix the problem. 

When customers must go to great lengths to resolve issues, it negatively impacts loyalty. The CEB completed a study of more than 75,000 consumers and found that the number one driver of customer loyalty was a low-effort experience. 


Use the NPS to measure sentiment, and act on it: 

You work in a company that you like, and it's easy to think that your clients love you too. The truth is your customers don't love you as much as you do. Most customers will think you're okay - they may like your products, but they're not jumping over the moon in excitement for you. 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a useful tool to understand how customers feel about you. It separates clients into three categories: promoters, liabilities, and detractors. As you seek to deliver a better service, you can reach out to liabilities and detractors to better understand and address their comments and convey them to promoters with time and a little effort. 


Equip your team with the right tools: 

Those of us who work in customer service have good intentions. We want to provide the best possible service, no matter the situation. 

But there is a disconnect between the service we think we are providing and the service we are providing - it turns out that 80 percent of companies say they offer superior customer service, while only 8 percent of people think that these same companies offer it. 

You need the right tools to provide a better experience. When a customer calls, you shouldn't have to provide tons of information to solve their problem. The right CRM, like HubSpot, can instantly connect a customer's phone number to their most recent purchases. 

You can also use tools that allow your customers to be in control. For example, Magento provide software that allows customers to track their own orders, reschedule deliveries, and request returns and exchanges on their own. 

Customers not only want transparency; they demand it after pressing the buy button. 

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