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What is HubSpot Sequence, and what are they used?

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Nov 8, 2021 1:31:08 PM
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HubSpot Sequence

In sales, process automation has become a key point for many companies when following up on sales leads.

Automation tools are of utmost importance for companies, not only to free teams from recurring tasks, but also to update their enterprise digital architecture model. Before addressing business automation, it is important to identify which tools give me automation.

In this blog we will highlight within HubSpot CRM, the one of its most successful automation tools. HubSpot Sequence or automated email sequences.

This tool is highly effective in multiple fields, industries and with applications of great value for customer prospecting (B2B and B2C), lead nurturing and many more lines of work in the company.

Topics to highlight:

  • What is HubSpot Sequence and how to use it?
  • Sequence for B2B.
  • Sequence for B2C.
  • Methodologies such as Account-Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing.
  • Continuous improvement of the customer experience.

In this blog, we will address step by step: what is it, how to use it, and the above benefits.

What is HubSpot Sequence and how to use it?

Within the HubSpot platform there is an automation module. It is worth noting that HubSpot is among the leading platforms with sales, service and marketing automation processes in the market according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrants.

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Within this module there is a very powerful tool called Sequence which is responsible for setting up automated mailings to a group of contacts through a simple programming of email templates, adding templates according to the objective of the commercial area with the prospects and the days in which the mailings will be sent.

The two main objectives of a Sequence are:

  • The prospect schedules a meeting with the salesperson or account executive. 
  • That the prospect responds to one of the many emails that the executive has sent. 

Benefits of HubSpot Sequence for B2B

Many times when working with B2B customers, prospecting and nurturing customers within our CRM used to be a tedious, slow process without great results because we did not have email automation for sales management. This was because we had to write copy emails over and over again and wait for an opportunity with a customer.

HubSpot's platform realized this pain for companies with B2B customers and created HubSpot Sequence. 

The most important benefits for B2B are:

  • Automation of email customer prospecting. 
  • Nurturing of MQL'S in the process of converting to SQL'S.
  • Lead Score increase or in the case of HubSpot the HubSpot Score of the lead. This is fundamental to know which prospects are qualified for purchase.
  • Generation of meetings with the sales team.
  • Increases the chances of response from prospects in a 1 to 1 strategy with them.

Benefits of HubSpot Sequence for B2C

When managing requests and customer service processes with B2C customers, customer prospecting, their conversion and passage from MQL'S to SQL'S is slow, because we rely heavily on contact with the prospect, whether physical or not, with or without automation.

The most important benefits for B2C are:

  • It is an email marketing alternative aimed at frequent customers as a reward for their loyalty to the brand.
  • It is possible to send up to 500 single-sequence mailings per day on HubSpot
  • Being programmable, you can generate copies of a sequence theme and have it ready for important celebrations of the year such as: Christmas, Halloween, Father's Day, Mother's Day; any that is relevant to your company's industry and according to your Buyer Persona.

Benefits for Methodologies such as Account-Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

It is clear that no marketing or sales tool works by itself, at least not in the long term without a methodology that accompanies it. 

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that is responsible for understanding and attracting prospects to our company and is based on generating high-value relationships with them. 

The sequence within inbound works and benefits the commercial strategy in several ways: 

  • It helps to nurture our prospects with high-value content.
  • A sequence through inbound marketing becomes an accompaniment for customers and / or prospects. 

Now, Account-Based Marketing is somewhat different, this methodology is responsible for telling our company which are our customers or key accounts with which the team should be more interested in generating business.

The sequence within ABM works and benefits the commercial strategy in several ways: 

  • Keeps our 1-to-1 strategy up to date with key accounts for our company. 
  • It helps to work on prospects with high percentage of generating business opportunities.
  • Through a LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. It is possible to connect with LinkedIn prospects with whom you already have a connection in the social network or not. 

If you are interested in creating ABM strategies with your prospects on LinkedIn I invite you to read the following blog on: How and why you should leverage Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn?

Imagineer_HubSpot Sequence

Benefits of HubSpot Sequence in the continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Customer experience is not such a new topic, but it is one that some companies tend to leave out of their monthly strategies. Sequence helps and benefits customer experience strategies in different ways:

  • The use of this tool is a good alternative within all the commercial efforts of the company. Not every month it is essential to generate only email marketings, advertise in networks or generate calls to prospects. 
  • Promotes creativity within sales teams when generating valuable content.
  • Reinforce the sales team with a silent salesperson who is in charge of prospecting when the sales team is doing other actions.
  • Generates lead follow-up. The lead will be analyzing the content provided by the sales team and will know that the company is thinking about him/her. 

If you feel interested in learning even more about HUbSpot's automation tools, how it can help your business schedule a consulting meeting with our team.

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