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Benefits of planning your marketing campaigns in HubSpot

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Mar 2, 2023 1:56:17 PM
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Benefits of planning your marketing campaigns in HubSpot

How do you plan your marketing campaigns? Planning starts with defining a seasonal discount, a publication calendar, a brief and creative designs to highlight your campaign. That's all good, but would you know how to properly manage your campaign to follow up and see clear ROI (return on investment) results?

This article will show you the other side of planning, how to manage it effectively through inbound marketing, and the best tool you could have in a CRM (client relationship management).



What is campaign management?

Any user or buyer starts their search by wanting to satisfy a need. At this point, we introduce the Inbound Marketing methodology and begin with the right campaign and content for the right person at the right time.

<<What is Inbound Marketing<<

Next, we must ask ourselves: What problems are we trying to solve? What is their method of purchase? What will get their attention? And it is from these questions that we start with creating content for each stage of the buyer's journey of our buyer persona. It is essential to establish channels, budgets, and launch dates.

Remember that the best way to sell is to understand the buyer persona's needs without generating invasive marketing.

Four ways HubSpot improves your marketing process

One of the benefits HubSpot offers as a CRM is it's omnichannel, meaning that we don't have to have multiple platforms for generating marketing strategies or campaigns. I will start improving your campaign creation and management process by mentioning that an omnichannel sale offers you a great variety of channels for your customer to have a more significant experience and interaction in one place, successfully finalizing a purchase.

1. Lead capture

When you generate a marketing strategy based on an omnichannel sale and the generation of appropriate content, this set results in contacts that generate direct searches on the Internet and social networks, which helps them feel more comfortable with the interactions they have with your brand, and most likely they will choose it as their first purchase option.


2. Improve customer experience

With HubSpot, it is possible to consult the customer's interactions with your brand, essential navigation, and exchange data to discover which products or services are of interest, how often they need them, and which channels through which they prefer to communicate. By knowing this information, you can provide highly personalized attention to strengthen the long-term business relationship.

3. Analysis and reporting

Data is the new oil for companies today. In the world of e-commerce, having your customers' data in an omnichannel sales system makes it easier to unite them and maximize their potential in future marketing strategies.

4. Customer loyalty

 An omnichannel sale allows the customer to relate to your brand harmoniously. The generation of trust and confidence it generates will reward you by becoming a brand ambassador or even within the industry, so your new customer will not hesitate to buy from you again or recommend you.

As if that wasn't enough, HubSpot has specific tools for marketing campaign management, which will help you with proper data management:

<<4 Ways CRM supports loyalty strategy<<

Marketing calendar: from which you can track all the events created, goals, and content.


Analyze performance: determine, through graphs, tables, and metrics, the results of a given event or campaign so that from this, you can build the next one.

Innovate, transform, and manage your marketing campaigns like a pro with HubSpot. You can also count on our advice if you don't mind. Our Inbound consultants love to have new challenges and turn them into the best experience for your business and customers.

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