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How does a workflow strategy help you improve your campaign?

The pandemic came to checkmate many companies that only handled their products in physical stores. As the months went by, we saw more companies start to market their products online and through eCommerce around the world. However, this quick action left some gaps, and, strangely, anyone can overlook the effective marketing of their products and services today, you do this by optimizing the marketing automation flow, the processes required to be of equal importance to drive the overall revenue and growth of every online business.

Some are still in the process, others realized it right away, and now, they are putting a lot of emphasis on optimizing their marketing campaigns with the right automation. Today we bring you some advantages of implementing automation workflows in your company.

Content delivery

The content on your site is valuable, we may mistake saying it, but we never exhaust of repeating it. The basis of content marketing is quality content, that is, content that has value in itself and provides helpful and relevant information to the reader, in addition to being a great weapon to improve SEO, a workflow seeks to place the leads one step closer to the sale. A content workflow will allow, among other things, to take advantage of the right moment: leads will be waiting for that thank you email or simply want to hear from you after being interested in your recent campaign.

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More efficient communication between the customer and your company

There's nothing more effective for keeping customers happy than serving their needs quickly. A workflow will allow you to stay on top of your customers' needs. For example, if a customer opened an email and contracted a service, automation can help you with the post-sales process by sending a satisfaction survey or a thank you.

Email marketing at the right time

Real-time email marketing campaigns are virtually impossible to do manually, especially when the database is robust. For example, one of the most common automated emails is the abandoned cart email. If you don't have an automated email that reminds the eCommerce shopper that they didn't complete their purchase, at the time they left the eCommerce site, the chances of them completing that purchase are very low.

Useful tips to optimize marketing automation workflows

Welcome new subscribers or customers.

If any visitor subscribes to your site, it means they are probably interested in your product or services. So now you have a new contact that you need to nurture and welcome to make them feel special. For this, don't forget the opportunity to impress them with a personalized welcome email because they tend to remember it longer than anything else.

Abandoned cart leads

As mentioned above, an abandoned cart workflow can be the ultimate savior. An abandoned cart workflow will help you get closer to the customer by uncovering the reason and intelligently pushing them to complete the sale. Some of the common reasons for abandoned carts include differences in price from adding the product to the cart to the checkout. Also, the process, being confused about whether to buy it now or not, or maybe the price seemed a little higher than elsewhere, or you didn't feel the need to do it at the last moment of checkout. Look for clever ways to make that automated mailer have something of value that invites him to finish the purchase.

Lead nurturing

You can create a workflow that helps you nurture that list of almost sales-ready leads. This flow could include content and web pages that you previously identified as those that influence conversion to sales; it could be success stories, case studies, free trial offers, etc. Remember to lead down the right path to that prospect who may not yet be ready to buy.

Remarketing / engagement

Taking care of your current customers in marketing is more expensive than acquiring a new customer instead of retaining existing ones. with so many possibilities on the internet, your once loyal customer will stop liking your brand as much as before. That's why you need to find ways to keep your existing customers engaged. Losing those loyal fan bases will probably cost you much more in the long run than gaining new ones.

For a workflow to be effective, it will require effective team collaboration, what is important is to have a previous strategy, review metrics, consider contact information and, never forget that inbound marketing is not about generating interference in user's conversations, but about offering them the content, they are looking forward.


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