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How to optimize the operation of a hotel.

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Feb 11, 2021 12:20:52 PM
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How to optimize the operation of a hotel.

A challenge that all companies face is how to operate in the middle of a sea of systems and platforms for the management of their organizations, of course the hotel industry does not escape this reality, it is clear that in your day to day you must lead with multiple platforms that They range from the PMS, website, email, among others, where you must alternate between them to be able to do your business and even worse this does not allow you to have an overview of the operation, nor of your customers. 

Why is this happening? 

It is because when a platform or software is implemented, it is thought about but not about business processes, this is generating a multi-channel, where the organization ends up with many platforms implemented for different managements and which are islands, since these systems do not communicate with each other, which translates into operational inefficiency. 

What can we do to fix this or avoid it from the beginning? 

To do this, you should always think about looking for omnichannel, this is a unification strategy of the multiple communication channels, where it is sought to orchestrate them so that they cooperate with each other. Omnichannel is achieved in two ways: 

  1. Facing customers: omnichannel replaces multi-channels, this includes channels such as locations, physical environments, electronic commerce, mobile applications, social networks, website, among others. This allows a customer to interact with a company through multiple channels at the same time and feel always identified.
  2. Regarding the organization: omnichannel seeks to simplify the management that the organization's people must carry out to do their tasks, this is achieved through the implementation of a maximum couple of platforms, where employees can perform almost all your tasks, which translates into efficiency and savings for the organization. 

From what we have seen so far, we must be clear about the fundamental difference between multichannel and omnichannel lies, it does not lie in how many channels a company has a presence, but rather refers to the strategy used in the customer-company relationship. 

For example, to be able to respond to any incoming query through any of the channels that the company has enabled (social networks, telephone, email or physical store, website, among many other possibilities). 

And the trend is for all companies to have more and more channels, in principle with the intention of facilitating their efforts for customers, but this is not achieved if we do not have the ability to always map the interaction. 

Being clear about the above, then you must define how to approach omnichannel towards customers and towards the organization. 

In this case we will focus on the organization, internally I am sure that a challenge that they face as we mentioned at the beginning, navigate between the different "systems" that are being implemented in a hotel, here we share this graph that reflects many of them: 

Here we can see that the organization has to lead at least 4 or 5 channels that generate reservations for guests, behind, these are received by email or telephone and the PMS must be entered, it is clear that this generates a large volume of work For reservation executives, on the other hand, at the operations level, only some areas have access to the PMS and there is no way to generate a traceability of the guest at all times, even less so that the guest can easily interact with the services offered. the property. 

Its clear that a platform is required that allows us to generate omnichannel, which would translate into improvements in: 

  • Productivity: implementing this strategy can be tedious, you will see that, when applying it, the productivity of the processes will be much more efficient. You will have control of all areas, as well as purchasing processes and information analysis. 
  • Increase in sales: Implementing this technique will boost the business, since omnichannel allows the organization to integrate all channels across the board and helps make platforms more efficient, attracting the attention of your customers or prospects. 

As a comprehensive solution that includes all the above, we invite you to discover My Vaction Experience, a platform that will allow you to manage a large part of the operation from a single tool, improving the efficiency of the operation. 

We invite you to request a presentation of the platform, for which you can complete the form available below. 



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