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Liferay forms creation and configuration

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Jul 13, 2022 10:42:55 AM
Liferay forms creation and configuration

Websites are no longer limited to being informational portals for businesses. Many aspects of the website contribute to the user experience, such as forms. A web form is one of the best ways to get information from customers and are essential tools that collect data for businesses.

Liferay Forms provides a robust form creation tool so you can collect the user data you need. You can create anything from simple one- or multi-question surveys to complex forms that gather more information. With Liferay, you can quickly complete a form and share it with users.


  1. Creating forms
  2. Configuring forms
  3. Sharing a form
  4. Viewing collected data

1. Creating forms

The example below is a hotel guest feedback survey form.

  1. Open the Menu and then click on the website brujula
  2. Then click on the Content Forms section.
  3. Click on the Add  +
  4. Enter a name for the form, "Guest Feedback Survey."
  5. Enter a description.
  6. Enter a page name.

Otherwise, it will use the default: Untitled Page.

7.     Click the Add  +  to include the form elements.

elementos del formulario_Liferay

8. Drag an item from the list into the form generator.

  • In this case, we add a text field that allows the user to add data such as name, address, etc.

  • We add a "select from list" item and add the options that the user will be able to select.


This is what the form would look like from the creation part:



9. Add a success page.

The success page helps users learn that their form has been submitted and the information has been received. The default Liferay success page is useful.

To add the success page click on the three dots that appear on the form on the back right, then click on add success page and add the title and the content you want to display:



10. Click on the save form.

2. Form configuration

To configure your form click on the puntos back right side.

  1. Form Options
    You can require users to complete the CAPTCHA when submitting forms by checking the "CAPTCHA required" checkbox in the form options.
    You can require that users must have an account before filling out the form by checking the "user authentication required" checkbox.

.Configuración de formulario_Liferay

2. Email notifications.

Check the box to send an email each time a user fills out the form and include the information of the email to which you want the information to be sent.


3. Share a form

To share or publish a form, click on Publish.

When the form is published, a URL is generated can send that to users to complete the form.


Visualization of the form:


4. Visualization of collected data

You can view the data in the emails you will receive when a user fills out the form and the creation of the form.

Forms are essential tools on websites. They provide a means for potential customers to join and inquire about your products in a more specific and personalized way, as well as provide personal details that are useful to the business.

When designing a website, including forms is crucial for overall business growth, especially if you want to gain and retain customers online.




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