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8 Benefits of an omnichannel CRM for your business

Customer experience in companies is undergoing big changes. The use of mobile devices, e-commerce, social networks and the explosion of data, is enabling an unprecedented increase in interactions between customers/companies, customers/customers, and businesses/companies. The daily use of these digital services allows customers to live different experiences with their brand... or your competition.

Today, customers have new expectations of a company's traditional or digital interactions. They expect these interactions to be intuitive and omnichannel, that is, they expect them to incorporate different digital interactions without having to give their data repetitively each time a company wants to make a perform a process. For example, in an online shopping experience a customer can initiate a purchase on the web, make changes to their smartphone and confirm their purchase back in the e-commerce

In many cases, for a customer to carry out a transaction, he or she must have several interactions with different channels when ideally, your company should have an integrated system that simplifies the process for the client.


Omnichannel Benefits for Your Business

Omnichannel is a strategy that should consider appropriate processes, methodologies and technologies for  managing all experiences and interactions in a homogeneous way across all channels. This allows clients to continue the processes they are performing over any channel, independent of the channel through which they started the process.

At the heart of omnichannel strategy is the customer, who consumes the services provided through the different channels. Companies must convince the customer to use these channels by delivering an attractive offer of digital media services. The objective of a company should be to provide the customer with a unique relationship and experience no matter the channel through which they are interacting. This is why it’s necessary to have an Omnichannel crm that integrates all channels and all the gathered customer data.  

Taking a step forward and providing an omnichannel experience comes with an important set of opportunities to improve operational efficiency,  generate new business opportunities, and have significant improvements in the service quality during or after the sale.

Some of these are:

  • Having digital channels which allow to extend the customer service time, reaching service times close to 24x7 without the need for manual work.
  • Integrate all digital marketing channels into a single CRM Marketing module.
  • Moving processes or parts of processes to digital channels, allowing to minimize  "queues" ( queues being one of the greatest disadvantages of face-to-face assistance in physical channels.)
  • Complementing the face-to-face channel with alternative channels without it having an impact on the customer regarding overall efficiency and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Managing campaigns with fully integrated channel information in your CRM Sales module. The campaign management process is cross-cutting to the channels and guided, generally, by CRM solutions.
  • Understanding what each customer's preference channels are from your CRM Data. 
  • Allowing the management of large amounts of information, generated through the different channels.
  • Performing predictive actions through algorithms that allow you to know the location of the client (georeferencing), the service you are requesting, special dates and others.
  • Understanding behavioral patterns in order to react to changes in purchasing behavior.

The omnichannel strategy, as it becomes an important differentiator in service delivery, will allow your customers to experience what combines digital and face-to-face channels. This will be specially beneficial for the consumption of services and will provide the opportunity for comdatapanies to be more efficient, know their customers more accurately and personally, and generate business opportunities from this.




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