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How to manage business processes in digital age with a B2B approach?

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Mar 29, 2021 1:13:41 PM
How to manage business processes in digital age with a B2B approach?

The most competitive companies place commercial management as the objective of attracting and retaining the customer, placing this at the center of their strategies. That is then, one of the great challenges of commercial management, to find a differentiating strategy, which adds value in the different stages of the relationship with customers and at the same time increases competitiveness.  

As a reference, a study called senior management perspectives carried out in Mexico indicates that focusing on customers is the most important strategy (63%) to improve competitiveness. 

To know how to achieve this competitiveness through business process management, learn about the elements and benefits, I invite you to read this blog. 

Let's start by understanding what commercial management is, they are the functions that comprise the actions based on the objective of publicizing the company's commercial proposal. 

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Now, from a point of view of production and operational processes, it can be said that commercial management is the last phase, where the product is brought to market. However, this has great complexity, since a series of processes intervene regardless of the size of the company or its structure, commercial management strategically and operationally solves the relevant issues for the competitiveness of the company. 

 In principle, effective management of business processes is of vital importance for companies as it provides benefits such as: 

  • Compliance with financial objectives 
  • Allows the structuring of commercial management in a correct way. 
  • Increase the reputation of the company. 
  • Maximize customer satisfaction indicators. 
  • Improves the competitiveness of the company. 
  • Optimize profitability. 

Business process management must be customer-centric, as there is 38% more likely to improve business profitability. 

For them you must focus on business processes and what are those processes? 

Commercial management is made up of different areas, teams, resources and functions. The main processes are: 

  •  Strategic planning 
  • Sales management 
  • Marketing management 
  • Customer Management 
  • Salesforce management 
  • Support areas 

Right in the new digital era and with the demands present in the new reality, where the adoption of digital platforms for commercial management has been accelerated, companies need to be able to adopt tools that allow them to improve the commercial organization of the company with exchanges communication through automated flows between marketing, sales and customer service staff, as well as with executives, salespeople, strategic partners and customers, keeping them more satisfied and drastically cutting associated costs. 

And what do those processes look like on a digital platform? 

  • Strategic planning: it is made up of the objectives, goals and consolidation of the corporate strategy, in this sense the digital platform allows us to incorporate that information to measure the achievement of the objectives, provides us with reports and analytics. 
  •  Sales management: these are all the tools that allow us to bring a product to the customer, some examples of virtual catalogs, promotions, export portals, personalized stores for each of our B2B customers, platforms for taking orders, among many others. 
  • Marketing management: the ability to manage campaigns, promotions, discounts, product liquidations, in a single platform, specifically for each of the customers according to their purchase history. 
  • Client management: personalization of the experience, the ability to translate the contract negotiated with each of our clients to a platform that respects prices, products, quantity, deliveries, etc., this gives us the ability to maximize the negotiation with each of them improving the profitability of each account and achieving greater satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Salesforce management: better management of human resources, where in principle it has more and more inputs to improve customer management and, on the other hand, its efficiency in meeting quotas can be measured in a better way. 
  • Support areas: the ability to have a 360 view of each of our clients, which allows us to provide better support in the event of an eventuality. 

The benefits of a digital architecture for the management of business processes are many, if you want to discover the potential of this to improve your company and increase profitability, we invite you to schedule a session where we can teach you first-hand the platform that will allow you to transform your entire business model. 

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