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What is UX Research and what is its importance?

UX Research is a fundamental part of the UX design process, because it helps us understand the user and the problems or needs they may have. Next, I will talk about what UX Research is and what is the importance of achieving a good UX design. 

User experience research is a study that is carried out in different design stages in order to know the target user and what are the requirements that they may have with respect to our product or service, it also allows us to understand real contexts in which they can interact. With the UX Research you can get: 

  • Effectively segment your buyer persona: Knowing your buyer persona is essential when making design decisions, and it is necessary that they have real data to ensure that we are designing for an existing client. 
  • Understand the needs or problems of your buyer persona: When buyer persona are interviewed, in addition to defining their demographic characteristics, we must also understand what needs or problems we are going to meet with our product in order to focus on attacking them and offering users what they are really looking. 
  • Continuous improvement of the product or service: Once we have advanced in the design or it has been completed, we must test with the users in order to find some problems that our product may have and continuously improve until we achieve a result that provides a good experience of user. 


    The importance of UX Research 

    Whenever a new product is created, whether physical or digital, the intention is to have customers who consume the product, which is why the importance of generating a good solution for our customers, that is where UX research comes in, since they have as main objective to reveal valuable information to incorporate in the design process and thus obtain a better result of our product, with this we can understand what they really need. 

    User experience (UX) research can be applied at any stage of the design process, each with a different objective that I outline below: 

    • Before starting to design: collecting information prior to starting to design allows us to understand who we are designing for and if the solution we have proposed responds to their needs, in addition to understanding with whom we are competing. 


    • During the design process: When designing a product we always want it to be successful and to offer a good experience to users, so throughout the design process it is convenient to test the progress that is being made with users. to make improvements along the way, instead of waiting for the end. 


    • When the product is ready to go: Once the product is ready, it must be tested to confirm that the improvements that were made in the process did have a positive effect, furthermore, UX Research should never be terminated, since they will always exist. aspects to improve to give an excellent user experience. 

    Including UX Research in your design process will help you generate more successful products that can provide the customer with a good experience and effectively meet their real needs or problems. 

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    It is a method that allows us to obtain reliable data, because it generates that we approach real clients to understand how their interaction with our product will be, and the best thing is that its application is simple and can be adapted, so that its application is feasible within an organization. 

    If you focus your UX Research on the right audience for your product, I recommend building your buyer persona profile, in the button below you can download a template that will help you. 


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