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It is time to start the digital transformation of your hotel

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Nov 24, 2020 10:14:08 AM
It is time to start the digital transformation of your hotel

Given the situation currently facing the entire productive sector, but particularly the hotel industry worldwide, it is necessary to carry out the digital transformation in order to improve competitiveness.

 The transformation process begins with an adequate inventory of our digital assets, followed by the drawing of the ideal process architecture, after this it is necessary to identify the tools that will allow you to improve the processes.

>> Coca-Cola do it in the digital world <<


 As I mentioned in a previous blog titled "How can digital transformation help me optimize the management of my hotel?", In which I indicated that there is no single application or technology that allows digital transformation, but that there are multiple key elements to face it:


  • Technology development
  • Mobile platforms, responsive, apps
  • Process automation

This allows us to look for tools that meet the following elements as a basis:

  • Being hosted in the cloud, this has multiple advantages that go from savings in implementation costs, to the versatility that will allow you to access them from any place and device.
  • Omnichannel, which is the ability of a tool to be able to integrate with multiple platforms to manage them from just one.

Particularly with the experience that we have accumulated in Imagineer working with a large number of clients in various industries, it has allowed us to see the experiences of companies with different tools, it led us to the conviction that Hubspot and MyVacation Experience become the best tools for achieve omnichannel, the reasons:


  • Hubspot is a complete suite of software that can cover marketing, sales and customer service, all integrated into a CRM system, allowing full traceability of all customers.
  • MyVacation Experience is a virtual portal (developed in Liferay) that allows the integration of PMS, CRS, OTA's management, Contracts, Allotments, Events, Tours, among others. In addition, to allow clients to personalize their visit by managing a detailed profile of their tastes and preferences.

In order to have clear expectations and to be able to value the quality of the tools must have an evaluation parameter, in the case of technology the Gartner Magic Quadrant becomes the measuring rod that will allow you to identify the best tools available in the market, already that Gartner is the culmination of research in a specific market, giving you a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market providers, in other words, they research all the companies that offer services in each technology area and identify the better in each case.

Here you can find the references of which we have recommended:

Hubspot can be consulted in the CRM's evaluation section

And for its part, MyVacation Experience is development based on Liferay technology, which is the best tool for the development of portals at a global level:


Today more than ever technology is the greatest ally to carry out your business, what are you waiting for to carry out a technological revolution in your company?



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