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Infographic: Shopping Tools

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Jul 19, 2021 10:04:02 AM
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Shopping tools

What are Shopping Tools?

In a world that increasingly revolves around everything to please the user experience within our sites becomes more and more important. We can have eCommerce with more SKUs and with more variety of products, however, the customer experience is not enjoyable or complete, we will not obtain satisfactory results.

In this infographic we can see the most striking and important functionalities that can be included within the store. It is vitally important to be clear that these tools have the main objective of increasing the sturdiness of the site. Companies should not focus only on the back end of the site with issues of integrations, payments, data, but also the front-end part, which after all is the one with which the customer will interact. A sturdy backend can have poor sales results if we never ask and care about the customer.


As we can see, the shopping tools can be small changes or improvements within the virtual store that end up meaning a great increase in the experience that your user perceives and enjoys within the virtual stores. This without also ignoring all the benefits that can be obtained at the brand level.

Not only are we encouraging and motivating the client to keep browsing our site (which is a huge benefit for our SEO) but we are also able to understand the client and their consumption patterns.

We receive this understanding for all the information that we can observe from the client such as their wish lists, products in the cart, reviews, ratings, among the others mentioned in the infographic. When configuring the tools, we have a double benefit generating experience for the client but at the same time obtaining data to be able to generate campaigns and incentives specifically designed for the preferences of the clients.



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