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Product Pages That Can Boost Sale Conversions in Your eCommerce

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Jul 12, 2019 1:53:37 PM
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Magento eCommerce Product Page

Product pages are the most important part of your eCommerce, and whether you sell fishing products, clothing, appliances or children's toys, you should develop product pages using some of the best practices to increase sales. Currently, the average rate of abandonment of an online shopping cart exceeds 65 percent and conversion rates are generally less than 5 percent, so brands have a fairly small margin of error.

To exceed the average abandonment rate, increase your conversion rates, and outperform your competitors, you should follow these guidelines to create efficient product pages that will help you improve your sales conversion:

  1. Titles
    Unless you have a well-known brand, a very specific and descriptive title will give your item the best chance of being a relevant search result. The title of a product must be descriptive and concise and should include a focus keyword that differentiates it from other similar products. Keep the title under 65 characters and avoid including your brand name due to character limits and SEO issues.
  2. Images
     Images are one of the main criteria that a customer focuses on before making a conversion in an e-commerce. These photographs must be professional, crisp, clear, large, and if possible, they should show your product in action. For example, if you sell clothing or accessories, show them being worn and instead of showing only one product, use the possible combinations along with other products and the opportunities to use it.
  3. Call-to-Action CTA
    A call-to-action is a key tool in an e-commerce and is made through attractive links and buttons that we strategically place in our product pages.
  4. Shipping costs
    It is very important to show shipping costs in your product page. This information is of great importance to the customers since it gives them confidence and keeps the customers aware, throughout the entire purchase process, of the full costs of their transactions. Unexpected shipping costs are the main driver of cart abandonment. Make rates and shipping times very clear and, if possible, make shipping free. Free shipping can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart.If you are unable to provide free shipping in general, consider offering free shipping when a customer reaches a certain order amount.
  5. Daily Deals
    Offering daily deals is a great way to create urgency around buying a product. Let prospects know that they have a short period of time to make a purchase before the price rises again. Keep monthly updating offers so customers get into the habit of visiting your online store regularly to discover new deals.
  6. Descriptions
    A compelling description of your product is key to the sales process. Your product description should inform, secure, and motivate your potential customer to become a client. Concisely highlight all the features and benefits of the product using bullets to help visitors read them quickly. Your descriptions should use strategic keywords in addition to price, shipping information, what the product does, what it feels and looks like, sizes/colors, availability, and anything else that influences the buyer's behavior and decision-making.
  7. Prices:
    The price of the product should be placed on the right and possibly below the product image. One way to make the price stand out on the page is to use a large font size, a bold format, and a different color than that of the description.
  8. Simplicity
    When your customer clicks on a product on one of your product pages, do not create unnecessary distractions since the ultimate goal is for your customer to buy. Avoid clutter in product pages, follow the "less is more" principle, and choose clean, simple designs with only the essential navigational elements. Provide your prospects with the basic information they need in the most attractive format you can in order to encourage a quick and easy purchase decision.
  9. Charging time
    Product pages must be loaded quickly. Slow loading times (above industry best practices of three seconds) lead to a potential customer's impatience and lack of confidence in your website, which can wipe out conversions. If your site doesn't respond quickly, it's time to review things that are slowing you down, such as over-large images and CSS styles for background and edge elements.
  10. Customer Confidence: 
    A prospect is much more likely to buy from you when they see a testimonial from another delighted customer. This will reduce shopping anxiety by showing the customer that he/she is not alone in their enthusiasm for the product and that he/she will most likely be delighted as well with the purchase.
  11. Videos
    Including videos of your product pages can help your sales increase. Show the product, offer tips to get the most out of it, answer common questions, and clearly showcase its characteristics and benefits.


From agile title crafting to the use of stylish images and offering irresistible offers, product pages are the lifeblood of your e-commerce site. Your sales opportunities are as limited as your imagination and ability to turn these ideas into strategies on your site.

Get help creating attractive product pages on your website by contacting Imagineerexperts. We can provide you with the advice and technical support you need to beat your competitors.



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