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4 reasons why you are not achieving your sales goals

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Jul 15, 2019 11:27:14 AM
Four reasons why you are not achieving your sales goals

In many companies, more often than we'd like, the results of the sales are not as expected. This causes great frustration, concern and anguish, not only for the fact of having to inform the Board of Directors, but because of the economic instability employees may suffer from as a result. Companies spend a lot of time questioning where thing went or may go wrong, whether it was a vendors or management problem, for example. Nonetheless, there are several reasons why sales goals are not reached, and we present them below:

  • Management objectives are not well developed or substantiated

Generally, managers comment on the mistake of setting goals without reason or justification. Many sellers don't even know what is the overall goal of the company, much less its quotas. Targeting cannot be whimsy, it must have sustenance on historical data, metrics and realistic amounts; it must a product of a well-thought process in order to allow sellers to define a strategy starting from that target.


  • A trade strategy is missing

A business strategy is derived from the detailed elaboration of a SMART objective. All sales require a strategy that guides the path of sellers so that they can execute their work and achieve the goals that management expects. The strategy includes brand positioning and its importance resides in the fact that you can have an excellent product or service, but not be well positioned. Positioning allows sellers to locate: the market, industry, the buyerpersona, and the sales process as appropriate for a product or service. This allows to create specific actions with their respective metrics to be able to evaluate the sellers.

Strategies should be understood from the perspetives of marketingand sales, since the action plan must have tasks for these two areas.

  • Action plan

The business action plan is the set of activities and tasks that support the trading strategy. If a seller has a strategy, but doesn't know where or when to implement it, it is worth nothing. The action plan determines: the managers of each task, the time associated with the execution, the metric with which the results will be evaluated,  and the necessary trainings for the sellers. The results and any other details that allow you to draw concise activities in the timeline should be consistently revised.

  • Lack of control tools

There is a gap in many companies that is preventing them from measuring results automatically and in real time. They are lacking essential control tools.There are specializedsoftwareto support and automate the business strategy. With them you can store company and customer information, schedule contact segmentations for positioning strategies, manage email marketing, schedule sales process steps and execution times, assign tasks to the sales team, assign accounts, enable service tickets, configure graphs to keep real-time control of each stage of the account, and review each seller's metrics.

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Having identified the reasons why you're not meeting your sales goals, it's time to schedule a meeting with your marketing and sales team to review the goals, strategy, action plan, and automation tools for control these processes.

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