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Marketo: Optimization of campaigns through personalized emails

Regardless of your marketing strategy, creating A/B tests, which consist of testing two scenarios and seeing which one gets better results with your prospects, should always be essential for the optimization of your campaigns, this to measure the performance, ROI, and necessary adjustments that we should implement of the same. Next, we will tell you about Marketo's most efficient practices to do this type of test and measurements to generate more successful campaigns via personalized emails.


  • Email Personalization
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Email personalization

 It is a proven statistic within the Adobe digital community is that personalized emails have an open and transaction rate 6 times higher than a generic email that our prospects receive, which is a fact that has generated Marketo to prioritize its tool for personalization of email marketing Since this figure shows that speaking directly to a user is the future of loyalty since people feel more identified with a message or communication that seems to have been created exclusively for them, which encourages and improves the interaction with the email and even enhances, even more, a sale of a product or service since it seems to have been designed exclusively for them.

>> What is Marketo and what is it for? <<

Now to run the A/B tests efficiently through Marketo, we must follow several steps to determine how to customize the mailings most efficiently the steps consist of the following:

  1. We create a control group in Marketo, which must send a personalized email addressed to him by name and any other personal data that identifies him and generates the feeling that the email was created exclusively for the user.

  2. Then we generate a second control group and send an email with the same offer of a product or service, but we generically develop the information, the structure of the communication should be that of a mass mailing, which in appearance is an email sent to the masses and does not speak directly to the user.
  3. The results are compared although we know that statistics always indicate that personalized emails always have a better response, we must know how to implement and use the Marketo tool as effectively as possible, therefore the data can probably show that personalization is always better. However, it is important to generate a segmentation since the profiles should always be as accurate as possible, therefore people who at first may seem interested in being treated with exclusivity and trust to receive a product may prefer to be treated as a generic number in a database and receive the information in a functional and fast way without much special treatment and vice versa.
  4. Finally, the databases or groups of emails are polished, segmenting them based on the behavior they had with the email they have received, to have clear data to which prospects are ideal in a personalized way and to which we can talk to them more directly and quickly, in other words, we want to know with which prospects we invest more effort and with which we can try to generate more generic sales.

Demand Center

Generating demand in Marketo campaigns is critical to create a better interaction between a prospect and a brand, to convert an interest into a sale and a sale into revenue. To achieve this, it is necessary to mark in Marketo the objectives of the activities or steps to be executed to achieve the success of the campaign.

To achieve the following steps must be followed:

  1. Tune the progressive steps of the campaign to the revenue objectives.
  2. Synchronize the timing of the campaign launch with the prospect, to project that we are offering a product or service at a time of need, season, or trend for the consumer.
  3. Consider within the launch time the season of the prospect's environment, contemplate if there are factors that affect the prospect's revenue or behavior and if adjustments to the campaign steps need to be made.


Once these parameters are defined, a calendar is created with the steps and objectives determined and the promotion of the campaign is created and the communiqués for the campaign are created under the sending of email marketing, these, whether personalized or generic, must follow a pattern with the times, there must be a period of expectation for the customer or of discovery of what the campaign consists of, Then there must be a period of expectation for the client or of discovery of what the campaign consists of, followed by communications to schedule, to make use of the product or service and finally an evaluation period where the behavior and decisions taken by the prospects during the campaign are evaluated, to see the effectiveness of the objectives and polish them in future campaigns of the product offered.

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Marketo, as well as many similar platforms, are evaluating and discovering the future of communication, whether by email or by other means, and this discovery is personalization brands are increasingly trying to humanize their communication, to speak directly to consumers, talking to them one by one and not as a number in a database, therefore, Marketo has created a wide variety of personalization tools that must be valued and taken advantage of, otherwise, a business or company may be destined to spend valuable resources and time talking to their prospects in the wrong way and sacrificing potential growth opportunities.

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