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Blog to share ideas, experiences and the vision of how to adopt better Customer Experiences in our organizations.

What is CRM

4 min read

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Nowadays, worldwide, companies need to keep their data, customer data, processes, reports, strategies, among many other aspects, in order to be competitive and stand out when providing a service or selling a product. For this and to maintain a solid...

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importance of the strategy

3 min read

Why should strategy precede technology?

In the digital era in which we live, technology has become the mainstay of many companies and industries, promising innovations and solutions to...

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Process optimization

3 min read

Process optimization for a successful digital transition

Index: Introduction: Do you recognize optimization as a process? Lean Management and the elimination of MUDAS The importance of efficient processes...

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Plataforma CRM

2 min read

How to implement a CRM platform?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is critical for any company looking to ultimately improve sales, customer retention and overall business...

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Strategic Integration: How Social Media Empowers a CRM_Imagineer

2 min read

Strategic integration: How social media empowers a CRM

Social Media and sales go hand in hand; all it takes is logging into Facebook or Instagram to see product and service offers. These platforms play a...

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crm solutions

2 min read

The challenges and solutions for CRM platforms

Como bien se conoce estamos en constante evolución en la era digital, las empresas buscan constantemente formas de mejorar sus relaciones con los...

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8 min read

Effective Personalization in CRM: Protect Your Customer's Privacy

Personalization in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key strategy in the digital era in which we find ourselves to improve the relationship...

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3 min read

Large-scale personalization: Secrets of successful companies

Have you ever wondered how large companies manage to deliver personalized experiences to their customers, even when there are millions of them? A few...

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Gift card magento

2 min read

How to create gift cards in Magento?

Desde la perspectiva del cliente, seleccionar regalos adecuados para la familia o amigos puede llegar a ser todo un desafío, especialmente con la...

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